Unlock Your Full Athletic Potential: The Power of Personal Training

Jul 26, 2023

 by Cole Barbee

Have you ever felt frustrated or disappointed in in trying to learn a new skill? Maybe you struggle with establishing the rhythm of a kip swing, or the emphasis on maintaining contact with the bar on Olympic lifting, or even want to learn something as simple as new modifications for a push-up.

Personal training isn’t limited to just “learning” a new skill. They’re many instances folks want personalized one on one instruction to just get stronger, faster, and more explosive. From refining technique on a snatch, to throwing a football, and to increasing your speed on the 40 yard dash- personal training is essentially for everyone.

Experienced athletes, novice athletes, and beginner athletes all have something to gain from personal training in some capacity. Here is a summarized list of the many things our expert coaches can help you with…

  • Bar Muscle Ups / Ring Muscle Ups
  • Handstand Walks / Handstand Push-ups
  • Kipping Pull-ups / Butterfly Pull-ups
  • Olympic Lifting Technique
  • Developing Explosive Power
  • Increasing Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Recovery Protocols
  • Pulling / Pushing Strength

While this is an exhaustive list, it is most certainly not limited to what you see on this page. Please feel free to come grab a coach and see how we can help you reach your goals that much faster!