BEO Nutrition teaches simple behavior changes and lifelong habits to create positive results without the stress of dieting or major life overhaul.

This is not a diet or short term fix. We will equip you with tools to change your body for the long term.

What you can expect:

  • Programs that take a whole-person approach, meeting you wherever you are to move towards your goals.
  • Assessments of nutrition, body composition, lifestyle, fitness, and other factors to create individualized plans.
  • Thoughtful and realistic suggestions to make sustainable changes and create healthy habits to last a lifetime.
  • The accountability of working 1:1 with a knowledgeable and supportive coach.
  • A focus on whole foods, loving what you are eating, and feeling confident in your food choices to look and feel your best.
  • The flexibility and ability to assess your body's responses and adjust plans as necessary to see results.
  • Science-based nutrition to meet your specific needs and goals.


Contact one of our nutrition coaches, Abby McCoid or Gina Bohan for more information.

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