The Power of Positive Self-Talk

Oct 20, 2023

 by Cole Barbee

It is inherently a part of human nature to view things in a negative manner rather than view them in the positive. We often get caught up in the grind and hustle of our daily lives’ through which even the most miniscule thing can potentially derail our day. This short blog is dedicated to how we can use the power of positive self-talk to not only benefit our performance in the gym, but also improve our lives outside of it.

          Let’s start with some goal setting. It’s important that we as athletes and humans set ourselves some goals so we have something we are actively working towards. Set the goal at a specific date, make sure it’s measurable, and truly ask yourself if it’s attainable. Ensure you set the goals in shorter time frames so you have an opportunity to “course correct” if needed. Maybe your goal is to have a 225# back squat in 6 months- first, you will need to know what your back squat currently is, and from there you can set those shorter baselines that eventually lead up to 225#. For example, you have a back squat of 185# now and in two months you would like to achieve a 205# back squat. This is where celebrating those “small” wins are crucial. No matter big or small, a win is a win. This will undoubtedly improve your positive view in life and keep you pushing towards that next goal!

          Now that you have set some goals, let’s discuss “redirecting” or “reframing”. I would be lying if I told you I’ve never said: “Oh, this workout is going to be brutal!” or, “This is going to feel heavy!” While all of that may be’s important to understand that our subconscious accepts that as face value and we tend to just make it much worse for ourselves. Instead, next time tell yourself: “This workout is going to be FUN!”, “This workout will enhance my overall fitness,” or “I want to safely perform this next set of deadlifts.” Reducing the negative and inserting a positive connotation will just make everything a whole lot easier for you. Try it next time and you may surprise yourself.

          Positive self-talk not only enhances performance inside the gym, but also benefits life outside of it. It can help build or sustain resilience. It will improve relationships with your superiors, co-workers, family, spouses, and friends. Overall, positive self-talk just makes you happier! Practicing this, you will soon gain a new lens on life and ultimately healthier habits in handling stressors or negative situations.

          Speak with a coach on best practices for developing positive self-talk. We are with you every step of the way and looking forward to celebrating wins with you whether they are in the gym or in your personal life!