Secrets of Fit People

Dec 1, 2022

 by Abby McCoid

You know those people who always seem to just look effortlessly fit and have tons of energy? 

What do they do to stay that way?

Spoiler alert, it's not fad diets and fancy supplements. Read on to find out!


  • Fit people get more movement in all day
    • Fit people get to the gym consistently but they also get more movement on a daily basis. Walking, weekend sports, getting up from their desks during the day. They’re just generally getting in more movement
  • Fit people prioritize weight training
    • Fit people know that gym time is best spent lifting weights that are heavy for them to build muscle. They still do cardio- it's great for heart health and building overall endurance. But from a bang-for-your-buck standpoint, strength training will improve health markers like insulin resistance and healthy weight more than spending time on the elliptical
  • Fit people eat mostly whole foods and cook most of their meals at home
    • They know that whole, unprocessed foods and having control over what they’re cooking at home can save thousands of calories and not-so-great ingredients in restaurant and processed foods
  • Fit people practice balance
    • They know that skipping a workout isn’t the end of the world and indulging in high calorie, delicious foods for a meal or a weekend won’t derail their health and fitness. They know how to get right back on track with their healthier habits and meals
  • Fit people are consistent
    • They know that the habits they practice more often than not are the ones that will keep them fit. They eat more balanced, whole food meals than not, and get to the gym more days than they don’t.
  • Fit people have let go of an all or nothing mindset
    • They don’t let a couple of missed workouts lead to a month long break from the gym- they get right back at it as soon as possible. They don’t let one food indulgence on a Friday night lead to a weekend binge. Fit people are great at getting back on track.
  • Fit people are really good at the basics
    • Getting plenty of sleep, eating a overall healthy diet rich in protein and fiber, drinking plenty of water, moving their bodies each day and managing stress well are important habits for fit people
  • Fit people don't leave their healthy habits to chance
    • They have a scheduled gym time. They block time to grocery shop for healthy food and meal prep. Routine is their best friend. They aren’t hoping they have a moment in the week to do the things that keep them fit, they prioritize the time. 
  • Fit people surround themselves with other people of the same mindset
    • "Birds of a feather flock together" and all that- We're influenced by the people we spend time with. Fit people spend at least some of their time with folks with the same healthy habits and mindset.

Does it seem overwhelming to start implement some of these habits into your daily life? Start slow! That's how habits are built and how they stick around. Pick one thing: try taking a 10 minute walk at lunch or packing your lunch instead of getting takout one more day a week. You'll be well on your way to a healthier, fitter you!


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