How to Re-Start an Exercise Routine After a Break

Oct 5, 2023

 by Abby McCoid

Sometimes life happens and we can get a little off track. Life gets extra busy with family and work, or you experience an injury or illness.  Before you know it, your exercise routine goes from regular to non-existent.

We know what it’s like do you get back into routine? to have a really good routine and then something unexpected happens. You miss a few workouts and then all of a sudden, you’re in a rut. So, the question is—how?


  1. Start with easy

If you are really struggling to get back into exercising and feeling totally overwhelmed by it all, sometimes it can be useful to just start with something easy. If getting back to CrossFit workouts feels overwhelming right now, start with a 20 minute walk or jog or a body weight workout a few times a week (check out the guide at @beostrengthandfitness on Instagram for lots of ideas) When you start with something small and feel good from that, you’ll want to continue on and build on it.


  1. Remember how good it makes you feel

Sometimes we focus too much on the effort of it, rather than the outcome. Workouts can be hard in the moment, but few people will say they don’t feel better afterwards.

If you find it tough to get up and get moving, try to remember that post-workout high. You’ll have some sore muscles, but you won’t regret it


  1. Schedule your workouts 

It's important to make time specifically for your daily exercise.

There’s no “perfect time” to workout, it’s truly about your personal schedule and preferences. If you know it’s going to be a crazy busy day, then just commit to a quick fifteen-minute HIIT session, as doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Make this time a non-negotiable to keep it a habit


  1. Use care and guidance when returning after an injury

It can be scary to come back to the gym after an injury, even if it didn’t happen in the gym. The key is “getting back on that horse” even if your workouts look a little different for a time. This is where guidance from a coach is invaluable. A coach will advise you on movements that will strengthen and not exacerbate the injury. They’ll help you get an effective workout safely and let you improve your fitness while you continue to heal.


It’s important to remember that everyone takes breaks from fitness from time to time for weeks, months, even years! Life happens. Put your embarrassment and apprehension away and just start again. The community and coaches at Beo are here to support you every step of the way!