Functionality and Fitness- The Squat

Aug 28, 2023

 by Cole Barbee

Many of you may have started a new fitness routine a time or two in your lives’. Maybe some of your goals have differed, such as: getting toned, developing power, increasing strength, improving coordination/flexibility, or enhancing your cardiovascular respiratory capability. CrossFit as a whole is summed up as a “strength & conditioning” program with the focus on core to extremity movements, i.e. developing a strong base such as the hips and legs and transferring power from that base to the extremities- like your arms.

It’s important for you to understand the “why” behind your fitness as well. Functionality and fitness both play a mutual part in you enjoying a life full of health and longevity! Here, we will begin a short series of informative blogs that will help you understand more of the “why” behind our training programs.

This week, we’re going to dive into the squat.

The squat is arguably the most functional movement we as human beings do on a day to day basis. Think about it- when you get out bed, step out of your car, stand up from a chair or sofa… you’re squatting! In fact, the squat is a direct correlate or measurement as to where you “sit” on the health and wellness continuum, meaning; if you’re not practicing the squat, you’re not ideally as healthy as you could be. Even folks with those achy knees should still squat. In fact, there is more incentive for you to squat than there is not to. Who knows, maybe your young ones will have young ones themselves someday and you’d much rather be prepared to comfortably hoist them up!

Functionality and fitness. It’s simple. Let us at Beo Strength and Fitness make living your life easier!