Functionality and Fitness: The Olympic Lifts

Sep 21, 2023

 by Cole Barbee

This will be the final volume on our Function and Fitness series and this week we’ve got a good one for you…the Olympic Lifts!

The Olympic Lifts are routinely known as the clean & jerk, and the snatch. The benefits of Olympic lifting are insurmountable. Performing these exercises establish distinctive development in muscular endurance, bone strength, power, speed, mobility, coordination, vertical leap, and even the physical capability to endure stress. Olympic lifting is PROVEN to improve quality of life.

Not only are the benefits incredible, Olympic lifting also positively impacts day to day activities outside of the gym. Broadly, it can help increase the control of external and outside objects, sustain and develop motor recruitment patterns, and enhance an athletes’ explosive power! From a baseball player swinging a bat, to a quarterback throwing a football, and to something as simple as picking up an object and putting it on a shelf; Olympic lifting will change your life! Incredible!

Mastering these movements also helps in the development of some more of your basic movements such as the squat or deadlift. Did you know that Olympic lifting helps train folks to properly activate more muscle fibers more rapidly than through any other sequence of training? Outstanding! Lastly, and more unique to these movements; Olympic lifting is scientifically proven to increase maximum oxygen uptake- meaning, not only will you be getting stronger, you will also develop the capacity to run, row, or bike more intense and faster than ever before.

Folks, thank you to those who continued to tune into these series of blogs. We hope you’ve found meaning in the information we’ve provided. We also hope it continues to give you more of the “why” on showing up inside these walls every day. WE at CrossFit Beo are truly vested in not only your fitness journey, but also vested in you living a life of function and longevity. We are all proud of you!