Functionality and Fitness: The Deadlift

Sep 7, 2023

 by Cole Barbee

Here it is, folks! The second volume of our Function and Fitness series!

This week we’ve got a great one for you- the deadlift. Did you know the deadlift develops the most head to toe strength out of any other movement in the world? Specifically, this movement helps strengthen almost every part of your body including the hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors, core, shoulders, chest, and even your neck! That’s incredible! Consistently performing the deadlift or strength training in general has proven to also lead in establishing a more aesthetic appeal. Meaning, folks who choose to strength train tend to be leaner than those who neglect it. We likely never think about it and admittedly may take it for granted, but even when picking up an object as light as a pen; you are deadlifting. It’s crucial to train this movement properly and effectively for longevity of life.

The deadlift begins with a general and standardized setup. Folks should start with their toes pointed forward, feet about a hips width apart, and hands just outside the knees. In the setup, we are looking for your chest to be slightly over the bar and a bend at the knees just enough for you to ensure those hamstrings are being activated. Upon standing, keep a neutral gaze forward maintaining a flat back as those hips and shoulders rise at the same time.

Functionality-wise, let’s briefly break it down here! Remember those groceries you carried from your vehicle to your kitchen? How about your suitcase you hoisted to the airport as you prepared for vacation or a work trip? Maybe you’ve picked up your dog or child recently. What if I told you every time you dropped something just to pick it up, you are deadlifting. Fascinating!

In conclusion, this versatile exercise not only develops head-to-toe strength but also enhances aesthetic appeal. Whether you're lifting heavy weights at the gym or simply picking up everyday objects, the deadlift plays a crucial role in our lives. Proper form and technique are essential for maximizing the longevity of this functional movement. So, next time you pick something up, remember that you're essentially performing a deadlift. 

Let BEO help you safely and effecitvely add this and other strength-building movements to your fitness routine!